Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Our first two weekdays at Grosvenor Hall

Hello, again.

Monday and Tuesday have gone by in a flash here at Grosvenor Hall.  Lots to do, too little time for anything else.

From our account on Instagram you have been able to see much of what the boys and girls have been doing, and how well they have taken to Grosvenor Hall and their new life in England.

I should start by explaining that when we arrived at Grosvenor Hall, the staff asked the children to break up into two groups of nine students each. This is for purposes of working more effectively with smaller groups, which makes a lot of sense.

On Monday morning, the Bradford expeditionary force put their minds and bodies to problem-solving (You'll see some of them on the videos below). They also did quite a bit of climbing on "Jacob's Ladder". That's the name of the log ladder which you climb in pairs but that can be very difficult to climb - unless you work together with your climbing partner. The cute thing about this is that as we were walking towards the area where they have these ladders set up, and which was crowded with instructors, I overheard one of the boys looking at all the instructors and seriously asking: "Which one is Jacob?"
Anyway. They climbed for about an hour and a half, and then we went for an orienteering session. During that session they were taught to find certain points around the school and orienting themselves with very little.

After lunch, the Eighteen were given assessment tests to gauge their level of English. Based on their results they have been put into groups and have started working on improving their language skills.

So here we have some videos of our Monday activities.  Enjoy.



On Tuesday, Group 1 did fencing for a bit over an hour, while Group 2 played field games with an instructor. The games were a frisbee match and, then, rounders - which is a bit similar to baseball, but with a smaller bat. And then off they went to do more climbing, but this time up a pole with a platform on top, where the pupils had to stand before jumping off and grabbing onto a trapeze! You should have seen them! Impressive. Even the students who are afraid of heights did their bit and were clapped by their fellows. It was a great activity. They are now eagles all, meant to soar high.

After lunch, it was back to their English lessons; then dinner and our day's evaluation session, after which we played a variation of Bingo - which included a series of competitions that the students came up with in order to get the numbers for  Bingo. Fun was had all around.

Tomorrow we take a half-day trip to Leeds Castle, which is in Kent and not in Leeds. Go figure.

Today's vids:

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