Sunday, 17 September 2017


Hello, again. It's now Sunday evening and we've been in England for all of 9 days now.
Saturday was a very special day for our merry group: it was Alfonso Torrens's 15th birthday. We had a cake baked for him and his friends and travelling companions sang for him at different times during the day.

After singing to Alfonso at breakfast, we got ready for our day trip to Brighton.
We visited the Royal Pavilion, which used to be the monarchy's summer home. In the following video you can see our students arriving at the Royal Pavilion.

After our visit to the Royal Pavilion we left for a bit of walking around town.

And we then visited the pier with its amusements.

After arriving back from Brighton many of our students had to skip dinner as they had eaten so much while visiting the seaside town.
In the evening we had a campfire with another school, a group of 11-year old students from Spain who have become very close with our Brads.

Sunday will see us in the city of Windsor!

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