Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tuesday, September 19.

Welcome back.
Tuesday was an even busier day than the previous. We woke up very early for a 7:00 o'clock English breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, fried tomatoes, cereal, tea or coffee and milk.  Big breakfast, yes, but we had a busy day ahead.
Before we left the hostel we got our pack lunches:

We then got on our coach and headed for Saint Paul's Cathedral, which was built by Sir Christopher Wren, one of the foremost architects in British history.
Later, we were driven to The Tate Modern Museum, a huge structure that used to be a coal-burning electricity-generating plant, in the Middle of London.  London and Londoners used to burn a huge amount of coal to heat heir homes and to generate electricity at what is now The Tate. This had such an enormous environmental impact that in Winston Churchill's second period as prime minister, he had to deal with a huge health crisis as Londoners started to drop like flies due to terrible-quality air.  So what used to be an electricity plant that burnt coal in the centre of the metropolis is now one of the most celebrated modern museums in the world.
Once we exited the museum, we walked towards The Tower of London.  You can see Tower Bridge in the distance:

Once we were inside The Tower grounds, we set the meeting point so that our students could explore at their leisure:

After a while, some got tired and rallied around Miss Andrea for a little rest and recovery:

We saw the ubiquitous tower guards marching to post:

Others decided to sit down and watch Tower life as it unfolded. T'was fun.

Yet others decided to actively participate in the play-acting and recreation performed by Tower actors. Please watch and take a close look at their cheering. It's very funny!

Alas, we eventually had to leave The Tower, which had been such an interesting and fun visit.  We headed for Oxford Street so that our travellers could walk one of the most important shopping streets in Europe.  Quite a few of them bought presents and souvenirs for themselves but, mostly, and especially, for their loved ones. This is a view of Oxford Street as we prepared to board our coach for the trip back to Grosvenor Hall:

And so, out two-day trip to London came to an end. We are looking forward to our next visit, on Saturday 23rd.
Stay tuned.

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