Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sunday in Windsor

Hello, readers.
On Sunday we had an early breakfast and off we went to visit Windsor.  Our main focus on that trip would be the Queen's castle at Windsor. Once we got to the castle we first had to go through Security where our backpacks were checked and we were given Windsor Castle bracelets to show on our way in.
We spent about two hours inside the castle and saw all the areas that are open to the public. No photography is allowed inside so that is why we are unable to show you what we actually saw.  Suffice it to say that the interior is even more amazing than what you see as you approach the buildings on the outside.  Every little detail is meant to awe the visitors, making sure they understand the power and influence of British history. Some of the rooms have so much to tell that even the ceilings are lined up with shields and regalia.
We also saw a guard on duty:

When we left the castle we wandered around town. We came across these street musicians who were very good:

Windsor said farewell to Bradford School by playing us a little music. Very decent of them.

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